Evolution of Medical Surgery

It is quite fascinating to know how far healthcare has gone in the field of medical surgery. People now are not afraid to go to the hospital or seek the help and assistance of a medical practitioner to get an opinion about the discomfort or pain that they feel. This is because people have trust in doctors, especially surgeons. Before, people are scared of going under the knife due to not knowing whether they will be able to wake up or not after the surgery. But because of the innovations in healthcare, it is not anymore a question of if you are getting surgery but more of when and where you are getting one for your sickness. You cannot easily purchase surgery using voucher codes or coupon codes on products. If it were, people would just go and shop online for it.

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surgeryThe earliest that we know about surgery occurring and being done is in the late 1800s. Even then, there were a lot of sicknesses that needed to be treated at that time. Prehistoric and Neolithic times have documented some ways in which people are being cured with their diseases through surgery. But nothing that we have now can compare to what they had before. In the 1880s, people with appendicitis are expected to die because no such operation for it exists yet. It was in 1818 when the first transfusion of blood occurred. It was in 1843 when the first anesthetic was used.

Current Technology


Now, our surgery room is full of machines and medicines that can be used to treat a patient. We now have medical surgery robots that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the procedure. And the result can be replicated every time because people are not just relying on the capability of the surgeon but also to the repetitiveness of the activities of the robot. Anesthesia helps patients in numbing a particular part of the body to conduct an operation on it. The doctors themselves undergo regular training so that they will be able to apply new methods and techniques in curing diseases.