Medicines That Have Reshaped Healthcare

medsWhenever we think about healthcare, the first thing that comes to mind is the medicine that people take. Patients have always relied on medicines to cure their illnesses. And they should, too. People may be inflicted with the different condition at different times. They may be on an Amsterdam city trip and then, suddenly, they feel dizzy or they catch a cold. They may just be browsing online shops like Lazada and Zalora while at home, and then the next thing they know, they already collapsed on the floor. Fortunately, medicine companies and medical experts never stop in creating and designing new medicines to alleviate the pains that we have and cure the sicknesses that people get.

According to WebMD, here are the top two medicines that are currently either the most popular and the most prescribed to patients.

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Synthroid has a generic name of Levothyroxine. It is used, primarily, to treat hypothyroidism. This condition exists when the thyroid gland produces too little of the hormone thyroxine. The thyroid gland is important because it helps the body in its metabolism. But too little of the hormone can cause disarray to your normal metabolism causing drastic weight effects and possibly irregular heartbeat. If not treated, the whole thyroid gland might require surgery. Your surgeon may require to remove all of your thyroid glands.

This medicine is also used to treat other thyroid disorders like thyroid cancer. It is best to read the manual for Synthroid and ask for your doctor’s advice regarding this medicine.


One of the most common problems today is the increase in the bad cholesterols in the body. This is where Crestor comes in. It is a Rovustatin that is combined with a proper diet to work. People who are currently taking heart-related medicines are familiar with the family of medicines known as a statin. The main goal of Crestor or any other Rovustatin is to reduce the amount of cholesterol being created by the liver. By reducing these bad cholesterols and increasing good cholesterols, you can reduce the risk of having a heart attack and strokes.