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Welcome to the Flemish Biobank Initiative

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The Flemish Biobank Initiative is the harmonized interuniversity biobank infrastructure of the five Universities and four University Hospitals in the Flemish region of Belgium.

Our initiative aims to support and stimulate (bio)medical translational research, by providing researchers with high quality samples, central catalogue and a collaborative framework.

We are a knowledge center, willing to share our experience and expertise in the biobank field to improve study design quality and awareness.

Five research platforms


We coordinate multidisciplinary focus biobanks and research platforms in order to develop knowledge and promote collaborative translational biomedical research between academia and health industry.

Currently 5 platforms are active:

Researchers that want to join these platforms (or establish new ones) can find more information here.

Interuniversity Biobank Catalogue

This site hosts the interuniversity biobank catalogue, where you can find samples for your research. The graph below shows the current sample numbers per domain of research. The catalogue is searchable for OECD minimal clinical data set criteria. Our Biobanks follow strict quality criteria.

You can find our biobank guidelines here.


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Access policy

Our access policy to obtain samples can be found here.